3 Ways To Generate Income In 86FB Every Day

  1. You can Develop lower-level agent/members rebate income (Agent Rebates)
  2. Developmentteam’s static income (Static Income)
  3. PersonalRecharge Principal Compound Interest dynamic income (Dynamic Income)

Agent Rebates: Rebate is an English word that means the refund of some fraction of the amount paid.

The team has an Agency promotion contract signed with the 86FB platform. The number of promotions reaches 500,000 people
each year, then the team usually get a promotion commission that amount to $50 Million, and the investments of all level
members whose team are bringing in big profits will experience addition of profits from the organization as Agent Rebates.

As long as your team keep trading and doing the business aspect of 86FB you will all keep earning agent rebates from the
organization. The platform with more money, Strength and members will make more money.

Now for those that are just joining the organization as a subordinate or Level member, the team can also help you apply to the
platform, and sign a contract with the platform as an independent agency promotion team.

That means you can even implement this platform as a long-term career goal.
As an agent you will be getting monthly salary starting from when you have 50 active members in your team

Dynamic income: refers to the personal recharge of the principal (Or the money you want to start with). For example, if you
recharged ₦100,000 today, then according to the team’s plan of an average daily income of 3%, your principal of ₦100,000 can
earn a stable income of ₦3,000 a day through the plan. If you earn 3000NGN in one day, you will earn ₦90,000 in 30 days a month!
Of course, you will also need to deduct the withdrawal fee (The organization do charge 5% withdrawal fee).

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Expensive, so the team doesn’t recommend withdrawing every day!
The more times you make withdrawals, the more fees will be deducted. I suggest that members withdraw once a month or so.

Static income: Is gotten from the lower-level agents or members you developed. After they recharge and follow the team plan to
make money, the agent rebates are generated and added to your money. This is called static income! So how do you expand your
own static income? Of course, by developing your own subordinate agents/members, first of all, while those first members you
bring in also develop and bring in people too (they become 2Level Members), then the 2Level members bring in people too, and
those people will become 3Level members or agents.

The rebate that a level 1 agent can bring us is 10% of the income of the day, which means that if you have developed a
subordinate, and he earned ₦100,000 today, then you can directly get ₦10,000 of pure static income, this is a very substantial
income right?!

The agency income is divided into: 10% from the first-level agency, 5% from the second-level agency, 3% from the third-level

Level Members or Agents Explained

1Level Member: Is your direct subordinate, i.e. The person you registered directly using your referral link or code, you earn 10%
from this person as static income.

2Level Member: Is the person that 1Level member registered using his own referral link or code, you earn 5% from this person as
static income.

3Level Member: Is the person that 2Level member registered using his own referral link or code, you earn 3% from this person as
static income.

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A very short clearer explanation…
If your first-level agent earns ₦100,000 then your static income is ₦10,000
If your second-level agent earns ₦100,000 then your static income is ₦5,000
If your third-level agent earns ₦100,000 then your static income is ₦3,000
So if you combine dynamic income and static income, how much income can you achieve in a month? I think everyone can
clearly understand this considerable income! I explained the dynamic income and static income above, everyone should

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