86fb Football Owner & 86w Owner

Who are the 86FB Football Owner and 86W Owner Website?

86FB is a sports investment company headquartered in Manchester, UK. It was co-founded in May 2015 by “City Football Group”referred to as CFG Co. Ltd and William Hill Limited in May 2015.

86FB Headquarters in Lagos is at Mulliner Towers, Alfred Rewane Road, Ikoyi, Lagos
The company’s primary operations are to provide users with football-related products and services. The platform background is very strong.

We, IFC Global International Agency, the national team, undertook 86FB’s national general agent in Nigeria because it understood the strength of the platform. The platform is absolutely safe and stable. The group is jointly owned by three consortia, including the main investor Abu Zabi United Consortium (ADUG), which owns 78% of the shares. Chinese culture The Industrial Investment Fund and China CITIC Group jointly own 12%, and the last 10% is held by Silver Lake Investment Group, which operates many football clubs around the world.

This platform is a large international platform, the funds are guaranteed, 100% safe, and you can withdraw cash every day. (No wonder the coach on the 86FB teaching platform used to tell us, money is not the problem but your commitment and believe matters. Subscribe Now

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