COTP Trading Platform Review: Is COTP Legit or Scam?

Digital currency trading platform COTP Trading Platform uses artificial intelligence and algorithms to automatically purchase digital currencies at low prices and sell them at higher prices in order to make a profit. It is estimated that there are hundreds of cryptocurrency trading platforms operating in various forms, with hundreds more expected to emerge in the future. Digital currency is the future, whether you believe it or not, and many platforms and individuals are positioning themselves to benefit from it as soon as possible.

Cotp Trading Platform

Crypto currency trading is time-consuming and can be emotionally draining, which is why robots have been developed to trade for us instead of us having to trade ourselves.

We use a variety of trading software, including Royal q, Bot z, Quantum X, Meta futures, and others. All of these platforms purchase and sell coins in a variety of ways on a variety of exchanges. OTP is merely an exchange, similar to BINANCE, whereas BINANCE trades in a variety of different cryptocurrencies. COTP only trades in USDT TRC20 at this time.

Intelligent high frequency transaction services are made available to users all over the world through this platform. Because of the high frequency transaction mode of the COTP trading platform, you are guaranteed to make a profit regardless of whether we are in a bull or bear market.

Moreover, whether there are large market transaction fluctuations or a stable market, in the event of a matching transaction, there must be a price difference that triggers sales, resulting in the securement of profits within milliseconds of time.

COTP Trading Platform Review

Let me give you a brief overview of COTP. If you look at the sellers on their platform, you will find the same sellers on Binance and other cryptocurrency exchanges as well. Consequently, if you are able to transact USDT directly through Binance, you can do the same on OTP because the same sellers can be found there as well. What cotp does is scan all of the cryptocurrency exchanges, buy coins at discounted prices, and then sell them for a profit to the members of the organization.

Because the COTP platform makes use of arbitrage trading, the fact that arbitrage trading is extremely profitable may be of interest to you. Having access to artificial intelligence (AI) software opportunities allows you to make money quickly and easily. And while cryptocurrency OTP can provide you with 100 percent profit with ease, it is time-consuming. This software can be used to run a node and act as identifiers, allowing them to reorganise transactions in a block in order to ensure that their transactions are completed faster than those of other participants in the network.

What level of security does COTP Trading Platform provide?

In addition to a secured transaction mechanism, their encrypted transaction system makes use of a real-time clearing engine, a smart digital wallet with high network security, a Cross exchange optimal price exchange engine, and other block chain technologies. The AI (artificial intelligence) algorithm is used to automatically allocate the best order for you. It is completely automated.

Keep an eye on this and you’ll be better informed.

What you need to know about registering for COTP Trading Platform and funding your account

  • Create an account by clicking on this link:
  • Create an account with the COTP.
  • You have a COTP account. To see mine, simply click on it.
  • Click on the recharge button.
  • Make a note of the wallet address.
  • You should send Usdt to the address that you copied earlier.
  • Every 2 hours, a trade is made.
  • Begin earning money right away.
    Please keep in mind that you can only fund with USDT TRC20 and that you can only withdraw with USDT TRC20.
    TRC 20 is available for purchase here.

Your money is extremely safe in your bank account. After 2 hours, the trading amount and profit will be returned to your wallet, and you will be able to withdraw your funds or place another order with the exchange. Watch this video to learn how to fund your cotp account.

Crypto OTP, to put it simply, purchases USDT at a low price on exchange A, transfers it to exchange B, and sells it at a higher price on the latter. Because the USDT price fluctuates in bits, this is a distinct possibility. Furthermore, due to the large amount of liquidity in USDT (over $50 billion), it is very easy to earn an increase of over 3 percent every day for an extended period of time. Because trading occurs every two hours, a 3 percent profit is the compounding of 0.3 percent per transaction done 12 times a day, for a total of 3 percent profit.

If a transaction robot can complete transactions faster than its competitors, then profits can be generated more quickly than the market, according to one theory.

Frequently Asked Questions about OTP

Who is the Chairman and CEO of COTP Trading Platform?

This is a question that gets asked quite frequently. BINANCE launched in 2017, and people who had never heard of the CEO were already using the platform. In this part of the world, the Crypto OTP service has only recently been introduced, having been in existence since 2019.

Instructions on how to begin trading on COTP Trading Platform

  • To begin trading COTP, you must first register at this link.
  • You must complete the Know Your Customer process, which requires your phone number as well as one of the following ID cards: voter card, international passport, drivers license, or national identification card. You will be unable to withdraw more than 500USDT per day if you do not have KYC.
  • Fund your wallet with a USDT wallet (on the TRC20 network), with a minimum start-up capital of $10 and a maximum capital of $100,000 available.
  • Trading occurs every 2 hours, and you can set an alarm to ensure that you do not miss out.

Methods for activating and replenishing your Crypto OTP COTP Trading Platform account

  • Login to COTP, Open your COPT and select Recharge from the drop-down menu.
  • Make a copy of the OTC USDT address.
  • Copy and paste it into any exchange from which you are withdrawing funds, and then withdraw the amount of USDT (TRC20) that you wish to use in trading from that exchange. Your OTC account will be credited within 3 minutes of submitting your request.
  • Trading every two hours on COTP.
  • What you need to know
    The transaction hall can be accessed by selecting the menu button and then the transaction hall.
  • Click on the immediate competition order button and wait for the system to select your order. When you see the ‘SELL BUTTON’, click on it to complete the transaction.
  • After that, click on the confirm button.
    Continue this process until your wallet balance is less than 5USDT, then stop.
  • All of your funds and profits will be returned to your wallet within the next 2 hours. Furthermore, you have the option to withdraw at any time.


Is Crypto OTP COTP Trading Platform legit or scam?

Some have labeled it a scam, despite the fact that there is insufficient evidence to support their claims. Well! According to what I understand, OTP trades USDT, and you can find the same sellers on their platforms as you can on others. There is a lot of discussion about the 3 percent profit it guarantees to its members on a daily basis. We are all aware that there will be price fluctuations, and that the number of times you trade will determine your profit margin. Indeed, members are making large sums of money every day, and the more capital you invest, the greater your profit. Every day, a large number of new members sign up, and it is unclear whether Crypto OTC will be able to keep up with the growing number. My recommendation is to only invest money that you can afford to lose. Check out

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