Edai Trade: How To Earn Daily Income With A Free 2.1USdT Sign-up Bonus On The Edai Trade Platform


EDAI Trade is a Singapore-based artificial intelligence technology firm formed by a Harvard University engineering team lead by Ryan Adams. Price differentiation will result from any circumstance that hinders the free flow of capital.

EDAI Trade generates cash for customers by using quantitative robots to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies, and the platform solely makes commissions.

In the year 2012, the company was founded. The deadline to enter Nigeria is October 2021.

On the Edai trading platform, there is no bubble

Our revenue comes from your withdrawal handling costs; the majority of these fees go to platform operations, and then you profit from the price differential between major cryptocurrency exchanges. For the past five years, our concept has been successfully implemented in various nations.

Remember that after a successful registration, the platform will credit you with 2USDT. Next, open your EDAI mobile app and select the asset button.

Trade Review of Edai

The 2USDT will appear in your wallet. Please follow the instructions in the image above to activate the free robot, and it will begin operating automatically even if you do not have money to recharge it right now. No problem, just fill out the registration form. It will begin to generate revenue for you.

You can start with the free 2USDT sign up bonus and later recharge with $12, $35, $60, and so on. As you activate more robots and higher packages, your earnings will increase every day.

You recharge when you have money. The following is the essence of your recharging:

1) Increase your earnings by purchasing additional robots with your recharge.

2) To become a certified member and, as a result, to be eligible for withdrawal. You can withdraw at any time and on any day.

How to Make a Withdrawal on the Edai Trading Platform

The minimum amount to recharge is $10, and the minimum amount to withdraw is $10. You have the option of withdrawing to your wallet or directly to your bank account.

With Edai-trade, you can rest assured that money will flow into your account on a daily basis and that your money will grow.

On Edai, How Do You Recharge?

  • 12USDT=7200N\s
  • 35USDT=21000N\s
  • 70USDT=42000N
  • 170USDT=102000N
  • 335USDT=201000N

Using a Bank Transfer to Recharge

  •  Enter the amount in USDT
  • Select bank transfer from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter the verification code 001009 and click the confirm button.
  • Make a copy of the account number and name.
  • To finish the payment, use the bank’s app, ussd, pos, or other wallets.
  • Screenshot after successful payment
  • To upload payment evidence, click +.
  • Make a note of the sender’s full name.
  • Confirm the recharging by clicking the button.

After you’ve completed all of the steps, send a snapshot of the deposit and your full name to the page’s Whatsapp icon.

Warning: There is no need to make any notes when making a bank transfer; otherwise, the bank transfer may fail.

After the transfer is complete, please upload a screenshot of the transfer to the EDAI site and alert the admin by clicking the whatsapp icon on the platform.

Please be patient until the finances are handled; they have over 3 million members, so it takes a long time; we appreciate your patience.

Financial verification will be automatically added to your account after financial confirmation, as you can see in the dashboard; you will need to refresh your account afterwards.

Thank you for your patience; it will be added to your account automatically in about 30 minutes to 3 hours, and you can then activate the robot by following the procedures below; please do not purchase the incorrect one.

How to Begin Using Edia Trade

Follow the picture to purchase and activate the NO.1 robot; don’t make any mistakes, and let me know when you’re finished.

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